Tour Rehearsal, Symphoniacs Tour 2017 – A Look Back

A Look Back

As 2017 is beginning to wind down, I’ve decided to look back at all the amazing things that have happened this year. The first thing that comes to mind is the crazy time I had on tour with Symphoniacs last Spring. It was incredible. In this post I’ll let you all in on some details of the tour rehearsal process.

I’ll put some photos in here as well, but here’s an idea of how it all began:)

All the guys got together for about three weeks of intense tour rehearsal over two trips to Berlin. We had a huge stage show to put together and a lot of work ahead of us. We had arrangements to finish writing, choreography to go over and a load of music to rehearse. The band

stayed across the river from the studio at the funky music hote, Hotel nhow. Everything was pink including the beds and shower and the hallways were throbbing with music. Each morning would start with a nice breakfast at the hotel restaurant and a walk across the River Spree on the Oberbaumbrücke. After about 10 minutes walking we would be home, at the awesome Symphoniacs studio.

During the last week of tour rehearsal we started to see things coming together – the laser displays and the incredible LED video art designed by Pfadfinderei that you see behind us on stage. We were working in a large sound room/warehouse at Rammstein’s Black Box Studios in Berlin with the dimensions of our tour stage taped out on the floor, so we could get an idea of what we would be working with.

Time to Play

After the rehearsal period we boarded our tour bus (a first for most of us – classical musicians don’t usually travel this way) and headed to the Freiburg for our first show. We were definitely ok with the panoramic windows, well stocked fridges and couches. It’s a nice way to travel.

I’ll pick up from here next time but for now here are some photos!