The internationally based electro-classical project SYMPHONIACS refuses to be categorized; with its futuristic classical-meets-club mix, SYMPHONIACS brings together two genres which at first glance might seem an unlikely pair, but with the help of the project’s visionary sound, century-old tradition is awakened and given new life – welcome to the future!

SYMPHONIACS released their debut album in 2017 with Universal Music Germany.

Zohn Collective

Zohn Collective is a flexible chamber ensemble that is dedicated to the performance of contemporary art music. The ensemble core is comprised of nine members, which includes performers, composers, and a conductor. However, the group may expand or contract as dictated by the repertory of each project. As the name suggests, Zohn Collective is an artist-driven organization that strives to produce projects that are generated by its members. For this reason, the diversity of backgrounds, interests, and expertise of each member is an essential and vibrant element of the group’s model.

Founded in 2017, Zohn Collective already has recorded its first CD under the label, Oberlin Music, which is expected to be released in spring of 2018, and is booked for various upcoming engagements, including a collaboration with the internationally recognized puppet company, La Coperacha, at the II Bienal Internacional de Teatro in Mexico.

Invisible Cassettes

Invisible Cassettes

(Russian Daughters, Stiff Upper Lip, Moon Bells)

Invisible Cassettes is an electronic art Keßha cover band.

Based in New York City, Invisible Cassettes was formed in Johnstown NY by two brothers after 6 months on the road with Styx.  Influences range from Moon Dog to Gradus ad Parnassum.

The brothers are currently living in a large factory in upstate New York working on material for the duo’s upcoming album, Johnstown.



Petros Klampanis Group

Petros Klampanis grew up on the Greek island of Zakynthos, surrounded by the confluence of Mediterranean and Balkan folk music. To pursue his musical passions, he dropped out of the Polytechnic School in Athens and in 2005 he began his double bass performance studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory. In 2008, he completed his formal studies at the Aaron Copland School of Music in New York.


ArtsFi is a group of New York based artists. Within this initiative, each year’s project will have one poem that inspires the fusion of different art forms culminating in an innovative, live performance. In addition to a live performance, the group is dedicated to educational outreach within each community.

Banda Magda

Banda Magda, a blend of French lyrics, Latin-American rhythms and jazz improvisation that encompasses all that wonderful and diverse stimuli that the city of New York can induce in a musician.