On Tour – Symphoniacs Tour 2017 – A Look Back

On Tour

Here is the second promised post – A Look Back at Symphoniacs On Tour 2017. I have a lot of great photos to share from tour. Some of them I have posted on social media already, but most of them are brand new. I hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to be on tour with Symphoniacs this year!

The Bus

As I mentioned in my last post, we settled into the bus very quickly. There were a couple of PlayStations on board, but honestly I spent most of the time playing Zelda and Mario Cart with Oscar and Christian on an N64 emulator on my laptop. My favorite place to hang out was in the rear living room.

There was a stocked fridge so we could enjoy a cold drink after our shows and relax, enjoy the views hold court as master of the N64. Aside from video games and champagne, the best part of the bus was the beds.  We stayed in hotels every night, but never had enough time to sleep, so being able to nap while we drove from city to city was essential.

Still Rehearsing

Since we were touring a brand new show, and each hall we played in was so different from the last, we still needed rehearsal time. At each new venue we would spend 2.5-3 hours before the show on sound check and fixing spots from the night before. This added to the feeling of exhaustion, but it was necessary.

During the pre-show hours, we also spent a lot of time in our dressing rooms, the catering area and generally backstage. The crew worked tirelessly to get all the stuff set up before we arrived, but there was often still some time to kill. Often this meant running to the nearest döner place…

On Stage

Our first show was in Freiburg, and the nerves were definitely humming. I don’t generally get nervous before performing, but performing with Symphoniacs is a different animal. The energy we all brought, and the energy we got from the crowd was awesome. We signed some autographs after, and then we were off to the next stage.

Two things really stuck out to me on this tour. First was the incredible halls we got to play in, some of the most famous in Europe. The second was the incredible, primal energy you feel playing for a packed hall of people who love what you do. It was such a rush to play for our fans night after night on tour.